The Guide for USB Drives in 2019

The Guide for USB Drives in 2019

1. How can you buy the best USB Drive in market?

The current U disk price ranges from a few USD dollars to several hundred dollars. How to choose the most suitable and cost-effective U disk based on a variety of functions and offers? 
a. If the capacity of USB drive is enough, then we will consider the one with reasonable offer for personal use. 
b. If it is gift USB, then we must take the design and shape into consider. 
c. If it is for business promotion, then we should think about the capacity and speed, and the function of ads. 
There will be always one model fitting for you

2. The guide of USB Flash Drive

 A. The sorts of USB Disk

    1 By the USB Shell: it can be classified by Metal USB, Plastic USB, Rubber USB, Leather USB, Wooden USB, Ceramic USB and Jewelry USB. These are different by the material of the housing.

    2 By the Capacity: It ranges from 128MB to 1TB. The smaller one is such as 128MB, 256MB and 512MB; the bigger one is like 64GB, 128GB and 512GB. It will be better to take Hard Drive if you expect higher capacity, but the price will be more expensive, then no details will be given here.

    3 By the brand: It is produced by different manufacturers. Such as Kingston, Patriot, Netac, Apacer, PNY, etc. Also there is OEM USB drive, it is the main source for customized option.

    4 By the application: These are sorted by application in varies areas. Such as Gift USB, AD USB, and Business USB.

    5 By the internal structure: It is normal USB stick and UDP USB stick.

    6 By the function: Such as Encrypt u disk, boot U disk, antivirus u disk, temperature measurement u disk, OTG u disk, music u disk, etc.

    B.How to select the capacity of USB Drive? 

    7 Personal USE

    If there is no extra demand on the capacity of USB drive, then it is enough to select the disk from 8GB to 32GB, as they are sufficient for copying general file and video.

    8 Student

    Students usually store courseware with retention time limits, then it is better to consider 16GB or above.

    9 Businessmen 

    Businessmen often need to store large amounts of data, 64G or above U disk is more suitable.

    10 Special Devices

       1 Boot USB drive for PC 

       It is around 2GB for loading windows system data, then taking 8GB disk will be enough even if you add backup data.

       2 Embroidery Machine

         It is an embroidery process whereby a sewing machine or embroidery machine is used to create patterns on textiles. It is used commercially in product branding, corporate advertising, and uniform adornment. It is also used in the fashion industry to decorate garments and apparel (it is defined by Wikipedia). Nowadays people all use USB drive to load their design in files, then this sewing machine can do fast printing on the clothes. As the machine has CPU inside, then all these steps can be finished automatically. 
      The size of USB will depend on the design, normally it is ok to take 4GB or above one. 

          3: Raspberry Pi

        Raspberry Pi is a series of small single-board computers. As it is very tiny, the space of it is super limited. So the USB drive is one of the best storage for this computer, it saves much space and can be removable. 
        To be hard disk, it must take 16GB or above. 


        4: Game Player

          Many Game players support external storage, such as Xbox, Wii, Nintendo and PSP. As the games are replaced by new ones often, so the USB drive will be the first choice for loading new games. Now it is 4K ages, most games occupy over 10GB or above. 
          In order to load more games, it is better to take 64GB or above.


          (2) What are the performance indicators of the U disk?

          1: The USB Capacity

          The memory sticks in the market range from 8GB to 1TB. The large-capacity U disk is generally 256GB, and the offer is around $40-50. However, many people choose hard disk for such big capacity. The smallest U disk, the actual capacity is 32MB, but less and less people will buy such small capacity except for gift promotion. The common memory stick in market is 8GB, and the price is a few dollars. 

          2: USB Port

            The main USB port of USB Drive is USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. The transfer speed of 3.0 is much higher than 2.0, the actual data is that USB2.0′s maximum transfer bandwidth is 480Mbps (i.e. 60MB/s), but USB3.0′s maximum transfer bandwidth is up to 5.0Gbps (640MB/s), It is the ideal choice for taking usb3.0 is the best, as it is super fast to transfer one movie. 

            3: USB Chip

            U disk usually has three kinds of chips. The most commonly used one is called PCBA, which is also the earliest chip form with low cost. The speed and capacity of the chip is mainly controlled by the control and FLASH, but it is not waterproof and not anti-fall, moreover the length of it is too long, so the U disk shell using these chips is relatively big. 
            Next one is UDP, which has better packaging technology, and its controller and FLASH are packed in a black gel, then we also call it black gel. The length is less than 1/2 of the PCBA, and some even less than 1/4, however it is waterproof and dustproof. The outer casing of this type is very small. 
            The last one is the OTG chip that has emerged in recent years. It is a derivative of the previous two chips, there is OTG connector added on the basis of the first two, which is mainly for connecting the mobile phone so that the content on the U disk can be easily transferred to your phone. (Please refer to the picture below for the chip image) 

            2. Brand USB Drive

            A. Kingston USB3.0 DTSE9G2 
            In the storage market, Kingston has always had a good reputation, and sales in the e-commerce platform are also in a leading position. This u-disk looks stylish, metal design, and has a key ring design for easy carrying! 
            Capacity: 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB 
            The speed: 16-128GB-100MB/s by Read, and 15MB/s by Write 
            Size: 45.00mm x 12.2mm x 4.6mm 
            Working Temperature:  0 C to 60 C 
            Storage Temperature:  -20 C to 85 C

            B. SanDisk CZ73 
            This u disk also uses a metal design, the official claim that the reading speed can be 150MB/S; this u disk also has built-in Flash Di insurance security software 
            Features: Metal, encryption, mini shape, high-speed read and write U disk 
            Capacity 32G 
            USB port USB3.0


            C. SAMSUNG Bar USB3.0 
               It adopts Samsung original wafers and its appearance is also designed with metal. The official claims to support waterproof, and also resistant to high temperature, anti-magnetic, anti-shock, and anti-x-ray. 
            Features: Metal, Waterproof, mini shape, Unique Design 
            Capacity 64GB 
            USB port USB3.0


            3. OEM USB Drive

            In fact, this type of U disk is one kind product besides the brand, and is also the mainstream choice for customized brand.

            USB Shells: Its outer casing is usually a private mold or a public mold. There are no specified patent restrictions, and the product LOGO is mostly designed by various companies.

            Main application: These U-disks are mainly used in gifts and business promotion. They can customize their own packaging, speed and capacity. The choice is very flexible.

            Chip: The built-in chips are all produced by the factory, and the quality is also very reliable, because most of the flash memory will use Samsung, Micron, SanDisk, Toshiba and so on.

            Price: Because there is no need to invest in brand promotion, the cost of U disk will be relatively low. For example, the price of 32GB is at $4-$6, which may only cost half of the brand U disk.

            Manufacturer: MRT is one of the factories of such products

            4. Customized USB Drive

            With the popularity of USB Drive, many customized U disks not only have a beautiful appearance, but also can be applied to mobile phones, tablets and other products for ordinary personal entertainment. The personality U disk is based on different shells and materials, including cartoon, leather, plastic, wood, and OTG functions. 

            1 Cute cartoon USB flash drives ranges in price from $1.5 to $7.5. These U-disks are often used as gifts for birthdays and holidays, and are more easily loved by young people.

            2 The price of the leather U disk is slightly higher, ranging from $2 to $17.5. The leather U disk is more suitable for business people and advertising promotion. The leather design brings unique personality to businessmen.

            3 The metal case of the U disk, the material is relatively more durable, the design will be more cool, the price range is from $1.7 to $22.5.

            4 The USB casing of the plastic case is light and portable, with prices ranging from $1.65 to $18.3.


            5 The wooden U disk is an environmentally friendly product with a more natural design and the price ranges from $1.7 to $18.55.

            6 The OTG USB flash drive is a powerful tool for expanding mobile phones and tablet storage. It is also a bridge for content transmission. Therefore, the price is relatively high, ranging from $2.5 to $34. 
            OTG is the abbreviation of On-The-Go. It is a technology developed in recent years. It is mainly used for the connection between various devices or mobile devices for data exchange.

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